Cafeteria and Food court within the Campus

Healthy nutrition is needed for allround performance. Hence, all cafeterias and hostel mess have menus that are designed by a team of professional dieticians, offering nutritious and wholesome food to ensure a well balanced diet.

College Cafeteria

Multi Cuisine Cafeteria

A well furnished cafeteria is located in the heart of the campus. Considering that a large number of students eat in canteen everyday; special efforts has been put to maintain quality of the food served that provides all types of nutrition.The canteen area has been made polythene free zone to take all the possible care of health.

Parsa Food's


At Parsa’s we have dedicated our lives in working relentlessly for our customers comfort and joy. We encourage a culture of passion, curiosity, harmony and honesty. Place Order: +91 97961 23440


cafe and pizzeria

Lacima Café was started with the idea to get the best of European Café experience to Kashmir. We worked for Pizza Hut UK in different profiles as chefs, Trainers & Restaurant Managers.
Place order :+91-91032222227

Tuck Shop

confectionery, snacks, and soft drinks

The Tuck Shop is located near playing ground of the campus , and serves delicious barista-style coffees, pastries, fresh fruit, smoothies and cereal bars to students and staff.

Corn on the Go

Sweet Corn, yellow Meat

yellow corn is considered the primary energy source for swine diets in the Midwest. ... Because barley lacks the carotene content that yellow corn possesses.