Parihaspora "The capital of ancient Kashmir"

Situated a picturesque kawera 20 kms from Srinagarcity. One of the magnificent capitals of Kashmir during 12 century ruled byking lalitaditya knows as "paraspur" was starched across 5 kms. Thepresent view of the ruins of that ancient capital bears the testimony of itsglory and ancient architecture. although much isnt known about this capital,but its remarkable, that despite located at a plateau about 300ft above thepresent highway with little means of transportation , the capital enjoyed asufficient supply of drinking water. in excavations some Buddhist structureshave been discovered, which were during king Ashokas time followed by aninternational Buddhist meet at harwan Srinagar and is believed that the outcomeof deliberations in that conference were inscribed on copper plates and it isstill believed that those are buried too deep some where near these monuments.The ruins left behind are a combination of Buddhist and Hindu architecture ofthose times.

Even today when the set up has become too noisy,the place is still very calm & quiet. The area was connected to the rest ofthe world during 1984-1985 with the proper motor able road 2kms from nationalhighway and the place become accessible to the visitors, historians researchersand tourists etc

SSM and Parihaspora

The College is situated at Parihaspora about 1.5kms. From Srinagar Baramulla National Highway.
The Campus sprawling over 30 acres of scenic landscape that has been laid out to create a unique learning environment.

Lawns and wide vistas of luxuriant luscious green provide an enchanting ambiance.

  • Nearest Airport : Srinagar Airport 25kms
  • Nearest Railway Station : Jammu-Tawii 300 kms
  • Nearest Bus Stand : Srinagar 20 Kms

Parihaspora Kashmir was under the influence of Buddhism for almost a thousand years. That is why we find the remains of Buddhist influence even today. Most of the Viharas about which Kalhana has given details have not been located so far. But it is certain that they are spread over the whole ofKashmir valley. There are certain Viharas whose locations have been pinpointed. Some of them are- Jalora Vihara at Zalur Zainageer (Sopore in Baramulla district), Vitastatra is todays Vyathavotur in Anantnag district. King Ashoka (different from the great King Ashoka of Maurya dynasty) had built a stupa in todays Budgam; queen Shukdevi had built a Vihara inSrinagar at a place named Nadvana . Vihara is not seen today, but the word Nadvana got changed into Narvora which is one of the oldest parts of old Srinagar City. Huang Suang has written about a Jainder Vihara near Srinagar City, which had a huge Buddha idol in it. Huang Suang had stayed in thisVihara, but its place is still a matter of dispute. Besides these, there are many places in Kashmir which remind us of Buddhism and its influence on Kashmir like Parihaspora , Anderkut , Ahen (Sumbal), Khandhbhawan (Srinagar), Rattani Pura , Harwan , Raithan , etc

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