Core Strength

  • There is no in cubation Centre in entire Kashmir valley andtoday when there is unemployment at its peak Incubation centers are vital to boast entrepreneurship.
  • SSM College is strategically located as it is situated close to Zainakoot Industrial Estate.
  • SSM College has reputation in Kashmir and people are very familiarwith it.
  • We have connections with numerous business organizations and we can channelize that to help flourish entrepreneur culture.
  • We have both managerial and technical expertise available in the college thatshall be used to fulfil the objective of incubation centre.
  • The college is located at a place whichnot away from NH1 yet there is peaceful calm necessary for teaching.
  • College has huge infrastructure, labs and laboratoriesthat are vital for practical knowledge ยท We have 24*7 wifi campus and largest number of computers in the state present in college.