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submission of examination forms for B.E 2nd semester

submission of examination forms for B.E 2nd semester..
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8th December 2016
CAMPUS NOTIFICATIONS: General Notification

submission of examination forms :

Students of BE 2nd semester (FRESH ONLY 2015) are advised to follow the following steps during the submission of examination forms:

1 Visit the  KU site :

2. Enter the 11 digit enrollment and DOB and login 

3. Click on the form submission link

4. Download the Bank Callahan by clicking on the "Pay Now" link

5. Also, download the subject details by clicking on the "View Courses Opted"link 

6. The students can deposit the fee in any J&K bank branch and later submit the hard copy in the examination section of the college. 

NOTE: Backlog students have to download the examination form along with the bank Callahan. 

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