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Professor Speaks : Prof Dr.Talat Ahmad

Prof Dr.Talat Ahmad..
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12th June 2014

It is a matter of Pride to Pen down the message for SSM :

Prof (Dr).Talat Ahmad
Former Vice Chancellor, Kashmir University

It is a matter of Pride to Pen down the message for SSM College of Engineering and Technology for the Academic Year 2013.

Keeping in tune with its vision, I am hopeful that the College will excel in all Spheres of activities and Provide Students the Quality Education Both Inside and Outside the Classroom. I am sure that Students would show tremendous potential and skills in there respective fields of study and they would fare as well in terms of having a well rounded personality.

I appreciate the efforts of staff and management who Mould bright minds so that the students can tackle the challenges of nature, of Society and of the market Place.

I do hope that the students would take full advantage of the Opportunity offered to them.


Prof. Talat Ahmed 
Vice Chancellor, Kashmir University

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