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Professor Speaks : Mr. Abdul Gani Malik

Mr. Abdul Gani Malik..
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3rd June 2014

This seems to have grown out of the sincerity, dedication... :

Honourable Minister, Higher Education J&K

This gives me an immense pleasure to visit and see this institution today. This seems to have grown out of the sincerity, dedication, and vision of the management into an institution of its own level. My visit to various departments of this institution gave me a tremendous satisfaction and belief that the private sector can sustain despite unfavourable and hostile atmosphere.

I appreciate the efforts of the management and their vision a trend has been set by the institution for the society and the system. I am hopeful that the people will learn a lesson from this and come forward to invest in the field of education. I once again congratulate the management for putting in place institution with wonderful infrastructure, faculty, and system in it.

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