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Research Project published by Trans Stellar

Research Project published by Trans Stellar..
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11th July 2014

Research Project SSM Students published by Trans Stellar :

The Department of Civil Engineering, SSM College of Engineering and Technology, Parihaspora, Pattan feels proud to acknowledge the research efforts of Adil Mehraj, Firdous Ahmad, Mohammad Zubair & Irshad Gani Bhat, who were UG Engineering students of batch 2009: their research paper titled “Experimental study on in-situ and Laboratory co-relation of dynamic cone penetrometer test results with sub-grade CBR for Lacustrine (Karewa upland) and Alluvial plain soils of Kashmir Valley” under the guidance of Mr Ajaz Masood (Research Officer, Design & Road Research Lab) Gogji Bagh Srinagar has been published by TRANS STELLAR in the August 2014 issue (Vol.4,issue 4, Aug 2014, 45-52) of international journal of Civil, Structural, Environmental & Infrastructure (IJCSEIERD)

Head of the Department (Civil Engineering)

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