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The Dr Subash Chandrsa Show was hosted by the SSM COET..
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9th October 2017

SSM College of Engineering and Technology Divar parihaspora hosted the famous Dr Subash Chandra show on 08 October 2017 :

Dr Subhash Chandra is an Indian "Media mogul" who is the chairman of Essel Group,an Indian conglomerate and the Zee network. Dr Subhash Chandra shares his life experiences with the students to help them succeed by pursuing a career they are passionate about. Through the show Dr Chandra will guide them and help shape up their thought process so that they can deal with success, failures and regrets in their lifetime. “The moment you think you have accomplished everything or have learned everything, from there the downfall begins,” he tells the youth and advises them to live in the present, learn and grow.The show was very interactive where the students share their present day issues with Dr. Subash Chandra.

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